Our three pillars

For our accelerator program in Malta, we are in it to add the most value to startups while keeping the following three key points in mind.


Your startup has tremendous disruptive potential, let's make sure everyone knows that.

By using our resources, you can double and even triple your growth within a quarter.


Netherlands is a world hub in the Fintech and blockchain world.

Its strategic location in Europe, moments away from the US, Africa, the UK and MENA means that marketing from it will put you on the world stage in no time.


Our investors will commit €500,000 (minimum), a much needed catalyst of growth, to only the right startup.

Is yours in the right?

Ready for the next step?

"Good things come to those who wait." Once registered, you will receive relevant growth tools and tips to make your startup grow while we review your application. It may take some time, but we return to everyone and keep in touch.

What you need to know

Here are the main things to keep in mind for the accelerator program.

Program Applicants

Only 20 applicants are accepted per cohort, so guarantee your spot for 2020.

Program Duration

The program is a 3-month marathon, starting Q1 2020.


The accelerator program is held in sunny the Netherlands, a world reknowned hub for startups.

Does your startup qualify for the accelerator program?

Below are the key criteria to keep in mind before thinking of registering for the program.


You may register for the program if your startup meets the following:

  • - it is in the fintech industry or is helping to solve real-world economic problems
  • - it adds scalable value to existing business models
  • - the applicants should already have a working-prototype or generate revenue at this stage

We can assist your startup if it is based on either one of the following technologies or in the following verticals:

  • - Web (the next search engine for example)
  • - Mobile (adds tremendous value)
  • - AI (Minority Report kind of thing)
  • - Blockchain (something fresh and new)
  • - Cryptocurrency (the next Libra)
  • - SaaS (not just a model, something special)
  • - eCommerce (something new, like the next Shopify)

Your primary target audience consists of B2B clients. Although we can make a few exceptions, this is only reserved for startups that can truly prove their product market/fit for a B2C market.

B2G or E2E? Perhaps you should consider partnering with us.

End goal

Our program aims to add the most value to startups by focusing on three main points: global access to new markets, strong growth through business development and funding assistance. Would you like to know a little more about our program?