(1) Registration Criteria

These are the requirements you'll have to meet before considering of registering for the accelerator program.

  • - it is in the fintech industry or is helping to solve real-world economic problems
  • - it adds scalable value to existing business models
  • - the applicants should already be in alpha/beta stage and/or generating revenue at this stage
  • - We can assist your startup if it is based on either one of the following technologies or within the verticals: Web, Mobile, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, SaaS and eCommerce (something new, not an existing platform).
  • Your primary target audience consists of B2B clients. Although we can make a few exception, this is only reserved for startups that can truly prove their product market/fit for a B2C market.

In case you don't have product market fit yet, no worries. Through our collaboration with Faster Capital we are able to give you another opportunity. Interested?



(2) Waiting list

After you've registered, you'll get onto our waiting list. Once on the waiting list, your business can already start benefiting from our accelerator program. Here's how:


Once on the list, we will start sending you documentation that can help your startup with the following:

  • - sales and business development
  • - marketing and branding
  • - funding and more

The best possible way for your startup to grow is for us to help it doing so, whether it gets accepted to our program or not. Therefore, we provide everyone on our waiting list with several discounted or free services/products that startups can really use.


It's not always what you know but who you know. For this reason, we will provide opportunities for you to network with others: startups, advisers and investors.

(3) What It's All About!

Accelerator program module - Growth aspirations

When it comes to accelerating your business, our experienced team can definitely guide you to the next level. Here are some of the growth areas that we pay attention to during the accelerator program:

Your numbers

Charles Kirby said: "...it's a numbers game". This is true and one of the main ways to measure the success of your startup. While some solely look at sales, everything is entwined to make the startup a success. One of our objectives is to tailor our advice to you according to your startup profile. The goal is to accelerate your startup's growth in a quick, efficient and most importantly - sustainable way.

Your team

Not everyone is the same. Your startup needs a supportive team to make it a success. We know this and want to get you and your team ready for two reasons:

One, to improve your internal collaboration and two, to improve your own skillset.

The product

A product done right is your own inner might, We first look at the product/problem fit and then move on to product/market fit. Then it becomes our (and your) goal to bring your product/service to the next level. Our aim is to help your product/service thrive in its regional market and beyond.

Our team has the expertise to put your startup in a position to grow further and become a market-leader.

Accelerator program module - Global aspirations

Our team aims to grow your startup in your regional market and beyond.

International opportunities

We actively strive to getting your startup in the best position to penetrate or expand your operations in the US, European or Asian markets (currently decyphering the code of getting into the African markets as well).

Tailored Strategy

We assess your business thoroughly, which will help us in connecting it with the right partners in your regional and the international market.

Due Diligence

Before we get started on getting you on the route for growth, we do our due diligence to make sure that you meet all of the requirements to make expansion a feasible business move.

International aspirations?

Let's get to work!

Accelerator program module - Funding opportunities

Investment readiness

Not every business is ready for global expansion, but that doesn't have to stop you from getting an investment. During the program, we're actively working on getting you ready to sit infront of investors, negotiate the term sheets and securing an investment that would leave your IP intact plus gain a partner(s).


There are certain documentations needed before going after or even receiving an investment. We'll guide you in getting your paperwork in order and "know your numbers" before the question is even raised.

The investment

We want you to succeed and secure an investment from €500,000 and up to grow your startup to its fullest potential. Our accredited investors naturally gravitate to the most promising startups, which is why we encourage everyone to stay sharp and work hard.

More information about our program?

In case you'd like to enjoy more benefits from our accelerator program or simply would like to know more about it, then simply select below which information is most appealing to you.