The world is your oyster

The world is changing rapidly, with emerging markets producing higher growth numbers than most other countries in the world - year on end. These markets produce higher numbers of births, meaning each cohort has more people in it and high demand for goods and services. Can your startup provide for their needs?


"Market penetration" is a cliché on the one hand, but a victory on the other.

Our program helps businesses enter emerging markets in Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan, as well as established ones such as Japan and Singapore.

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Understanding the culture of your target audience, means you can sell and grow there exponentially.

The Asian market is even more diverse than the European and US one, meaning that startups need our program to make sense of all of it.

Asian startups looking to raise awareness for their startup and/or expanding outside of the continent should contact us for global expansion plans into the US and Europe.

Get your target audience on the same page.

Our program will guide your business on how to produce the best engagement strategy with your target audience.

Setup shop in Asia

Looking to setup shop in Asia? Our local partners can help you with that


* Your target audience is in Asia but you're having difficulty reaching them
* You're a foreign startup in Asia and aren't reaching the desired results
* Things are going well and your business is looking to be more scalable in the Asian market

If these apply to you, it would be wise for you to join the program.

Asian countries still are on the rise in comparison with Europe and the US; they hit their annual targets with laser-like percision. Having said that, the main target remains the latter, can you afford to make the same mistake twice?

Let us help you with:

* Due diligence; answering questions like: "is the European or US market that I am targeting ready for my business?" "Where do I start?" "How do I start?"
* Marketing & sales; based on your preferences and target audience we can assist you in going beyond the Asian borders with the right tools to grow big from day one.
* Funding; it can be very costly to enter a new market, our program will assist you at the finals with the right investment.

What is holding you back from reaching your targets?


Asian startup expand beyond Asia

Accelerator program on the macro-scale

Although we tend to tailor our program to the needs of our applicants, we encourage them to review our program in detail to get a better understanding and see if there is suitability for their startup.