Entering the land of opportunities

The US market is large, diverse and most importantly - has seen it all before. Your penetration strategy should be in line with its needs if you want to dazzle and win this market.

Target Audience

Your primary concern would be to analyze your target audience; are you to start in NY? California? Maybe even Washington State (Seattle)?

Whichever choice you make, our team will produce the right plan of action to put your startup on the map.


Sales can be generated within the US but also beyond the US borders.

Our program supports global expansion plans into Europe and the Asian markets; if you are ready to get wet, we're there with you.

Carpe diem

Even if you have already started your expansion into the US market, local partners can help immensely in opening doors for you. Our partners on the ground would help you with a soft landing to produce faster Time To Market (TTM) as well as higher ROI.

Let's reap the benefits of this opportunity.

Getting your foot through the door is the first step, but can you get to the dotted line?

. Our program will help you with:

* Identifying the opportunities in this market
* Finding out which doors lead where and what traps to avoid
* Drawing in the right strategic partners to produce better dealflows


Setup shop in the US
US startup looking to cross the pond

As a US startup that is looking to cross the pond, getting the right guide would help you in avoiding cardinal mistakes in the process.

Our program is setup to help you with:

* Marketing; finding out where to start and how to start marketing to your target audience
* Rules and regulations; understanding the various regulations in different jurisdictions (GDPR for example)
* Business development; it's not just about what you know but who you know. Let us help you in opening the right doors.

Overall program overview?

Although we tend to tailor our program to the needs of our applicants, we encourage them to review our program in detail to get a better understanding and see if there is suitability for their startup.